Hurricane Jeanne
Index of Hurricane Reports and Photos

These photos and stories are being displayed to help educate everyone about the trauma and devastation
sometimes caused by hurricanes and to hopefully convince folks not to "ride out" even a small storm.
Hurricane Charley showed all of us how a storm can grow in intensity in just hours,
and how devastating it could be if you remain in it's path.

2004 Florida Hurricane Photos & Reports
We were away at the NBL Grands during Hurricane Frances,
so there are no photos or personal news reports available.
Fortunately, our home suffered no damage, but many were not as fortunate.
Please support the hurricane relief fund to help these folks!
Saturday & Sunday September 25th & 26th (Here comes Jeanne)
Personal News Reports from during Hurricane Jeanne - September 27, 2004


Storm Photos
Monday September 27th
Sunday September 26th
Photos from Indian Rocks Beach - Click Here - Photos by Mark House!
(still pics don't do this storm justice - you really need to see the video)
The entrance to our complex was completely blocked on one side by downed trees.
Photos by Mark House


News Stories from BayNews9