Stars & Stripes National

Pittsburgh, PA June 26 & 27, 2004

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Friday practice
Friday practice again
Thank you Nintendo for this
great "between moto" trailer!

Playgrounds are great for
smaller brothers that don't race.
Pro Gate is #1
See what we mean about playgrounds?
Cory (right) makes a pass on
Jacob Pons for the lead.
Cory, when did you start traveling in style with Miranda and Fons?
Good friend and awesome racer,
Robbie Miranda
Team photo of Hurricane Staats
Team Photo #2.
this way?
Cory leads the way around turn 2.
Leading down the rhythms...
How many hours did I hear you say the ride home is?
Thank you again Nintendo!
New friend from the Factory Answer Team - Connor Fields
Waiting for the Semi.....
The race is obviously for
second place.

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